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How to Schedule Campus Visits

How to Schedule your Campus Visits and Interviews

When you know the dates you will be visiting a campus, check the college’s website under “Visiting” usually linked off the Admissions page.  You can get an idea of the times of campus tours, information sessions and admissions interviews.  Call the school to arrange a tour and an interview IF you are very interested to knowing more about the school.  Emails are not always answered in a timely manner through admissions, now most appointments are scheduled online.  College admissions offices DO NOT like drop in visits, so try to plan ahead. Colleges like you to book tours 3 WEEKS in advance.

Try not to visit more than two college campuses per day (Only exception would be cluster schools like the Claremont Colleges or the 5 College Consortia in Amherst).

1. When scheduling a time, be sure to find out where tours meet and write down the address.  It is always best to go when school is in session.  Program the Admissions address into your GPS (not the school address) and get parking directions to take along.

  1. Download and print a campus map.  Try to find the Admissions or Tour meeting locale in advance.

3.   Arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than the tour.  Often you will be handed materials about the school, courses, majors, dorms, costs, etc. that you can read over before taking the tour or hearing the information session.  Better to be early than interrupt the presentation by arriving late.

4.  If a student wishes to stay overnight on campus, ask whether the Admissions Office will make those arrangements.  You can request to stay with an athlete or a student majoring in a specific area of interest.  Ask for the student’s email address to contact them before you arrive.

  1. If family is traveling, ask for nearby hotel suggestions.  Many colleges have bed and breakfast or small inns on campus that are most convenient to stay.
  1. At some schools you can request an admissions interview that is compatible with your tour. Usually the interview follows the tour so you can ask more informed questions.  If your parents accompany you, this is a good time for them to visit the financial aid office and find out about payments, fees, costs or scholarship information. Take your resume!!!

7.  After the interview is a good time to stop in to the cafeteria or bookstore to get an idea of the campus feeling.  Don’t be afraid to sample some of the food, and look around at what students are like (Details are important here.  Notice what students are wearing.  Do you feel comfortable in this environment?  Are they smokers but you hate smoke? ).  Take time to walk or drive around the nearby community.

8.  If there is a major or particular interest, or if you wish to visit an athletic coach, professor or specific department, you can make appointments with the individual you wish to see usually after the tour. This is typically done in advance via online registration (coaches) or a phone call to the department.

Tip:  Be sure to present the interviewer with your resume and try to talk about things you do or have accomplished. Try to remember: don’t wear jeans or shorts, especially to the East Coast schools.  Male students from the East Coast often wear sport coats, and female students wear skirts with nice shoes.


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